About Dark Circles

What are Dark Circles?

Dark Circles, also known as periorbital melanosis, are a collection of overproduced melanin (the pigment that controls skin colour) specifically under the eyes. There are many causes for dark circles, these may include lack of sleep, eye strain, sun exposure, allergies, dehydration, stress, genetics and other lifestyle habits that can affect skin health.



How can I prevent Dark Circles?

To reduce the appearance of dark circles, it is recommended to make lifestyle changes and incorporate dermatologically approved products into your daily skincare routine. To prevent dark circles, it is important to protect and hydrate the skin every day by using a BB Cream that protects against photodamage and UV and activates healthy skin cells. To reduce the appearance of dark circles, use a Skin whitening cream that helps restore the natural skin colour and encourages an even complexion.

How can I manage Dark Circles?

Managing dark circles will depend on the underlying cause of the dark circles. Lifestyle changes may help to reduce the appearance of dark circles, such as extra sleep, keeping hydrated, eating collagen and iron rich foods. A change or addition to your skincare routine can also help manage dark circles. The use of sunscreen to prevent UV damage, introducing retinol into your skincare routine or using a skin whitening agent which inhibits melanin production and can help manage existing dark circles.

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