About Redness

What is skin redness?

Skin redness is a common concern among people with sensitive skin. Skin redness can be caused by lifestyle habits, environmental conditions and hereditary causes. Skin care products can also damage the skin and cause redness.  Certain ingredients can cause an allergic reaction or irritate the skin.


How can I prevent skin redness?

Depending on the cause of the skin redness, you should take caution if you have sensitive skin and are prone to redness. It is important to always wear SPF and limit your time in the sun which can contribute to skin redness. Low intensity exercise is recommended for people prone to skin redness. Keeping a food journal is also recommended, if you react to certain foods that cause skin redness.

How can I manage skin redness?

It is important to have a consistent skincare routine to prevent flare ups. Use skin care products with quality, natural ingredients to soothe the skin, leaving a healthy, natural glow. It is recommended to eat a healthy balanced diet with a regular low intensity exercise. Depending on the severity, you may take medications or apply topical treatments. However, before making any changes, consult your doctor.

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