About Hair Thinning

What is hair thinning? 


Hair thinning is the reduction of width, length, volume, health and overall strength of hair. Hair thinning affects a large portion of the population with 1 in 3 women noticing increased hair thinning as they approach 30. 

What causes hair thinning? 

Hair thinning can be linked to numerous factors including genetics, diet, hormonal changes, nutrient deficiencies, medical conditions, or ageing. 



How to prevent hair thinning? To reduce and prevent hair thinning, it is recommended to make lifestyle changes. A healthy diet along with regular exercise and a good night's sleep is encouraged for good health. In addition to this, take care of your hair by avoiding hairstyles that pull or stress the hair, avoid heat styling tools, and do not chemically treat or bleach your hair. Use products that are gentle on your hair. Use a soft hairbrush made from natural fibers and use a shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients to repair and strengthen the hair and encourage new growth.

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