Saw Palmetto: A Natural Solution for Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Saw Palmetto: A Natural Solution for Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Saw Palmetto: A Natural Solution for Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

When it comes to addressing hair loss or thinning hair, the market is flooded with products making bold claims. But how do you know which ones actually work? To make an informed decision, it's important to understand the science behind these products, their key ingredients, and their effectiveness. 

If you’re familiar with the Neutriderm Hair Enhancing range, you have noticed that Saw Palmetto, also known as Sabal Extract, is a key ingredient.  We use this because it’s a natural DHT blocker with the potential to combat hair loss and promote hair growth.

The Origins of Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a small palm tree native to the southeastern regions of North America, predominantly found in Florida, Georgia, Cuba, and the Bahamas. What distinguishes this palm tree is its serrated, saw-like teeth on its stalks, which attach the leaves to its stem, and its dark berries. 

Historically, Native Americans have used the fruit of the saw palmetto for a variety of purposes due to its nutritional, diuretic, sedative, aphrodisiac, and cough-reducing properties.

Saw Palmetto's Role in Treating Hair Loss

Sabal extract, derived from the Saw Palmetto plant, has long been known to be an effective natural treatment for hair loss and thinning. It works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an androgen hormone associated with hair loss in both men and women.

The elevated presence of androgen hormones like DHT is thought to curtail the hair growth cycle, giving rise to shorter, thinner hair strands. Many studies over the years have shown that the application of Saw Palmetto (Sabal) extract, led to a noticeable reduction in hair loss for both men and women experiencing hair loss.

Saw Palmetto can help combat: 

Hormonal Hair Loss: A change in hormone levels caused by pregnancy, illness, medication, or ageing, can affect the hair growth cycle.

Noticeable Bald Patches: Visible bald patches or areas with significantly reduced hair growth can be a distressing experience. 

Family History of Hair Loss: If you have a family history of hair loss, such as androgenic alopecia or pattern baldness, you might want to take preventive measures. 

Neutriderm's Innovative Approach to Hair Loss

At Neutriderm, we recognise the significance of Saw Palmetto in hair care. We have harnessed its power as a key ingredient in our hair-enhancing products, designed to combat hair loss, breakage, and revitalise your hair. Let's take a closer look at these products:

  • Hair Enhancer Shampoo: This shampoo is expertly formulated to provide DHT-blocking capabilities, nourishing your scalp, and stimulating hair growth. It strengthens your hair roots and offers effective moisturization, all while being gentle on your hair and scalp.

  • Hair Enhancer Lotion: With the power of Saw Palmetto, our lotion provides targeted treatment for hair loss and thinning hair. It penetrates the scalp to support your hair's health and prevent breakage.

  • Hair Enhancer Conditioner: Designed to lock in moisture and promote soft, silky hair, our conditioner works in harmony with saw palmetto to support overall hair health and prevent future hair loss.

Hair loss is a common concern, affecting many individuals. The good news is that natural solutions like saw palmetto, when harnessed correctly, can make a meaningful difference. Neutriderm's hair-enhancing products, enriched with saw palmetto, are crafted to combat hair loss and promote hair growth effectively. With our innovative approach and scientifically backed solutions, you can enjoy healthier, fuller hair.

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