Navigating the Challenges of Oily Skin: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the Challenges of Oily Skin: A Comprehensive Guide

Living with oily skin can often feel like a relentless battle. From the persistent shine that seems to appear just hours after cleansing, to the frequent breakouts and enlarged pores that accompany this skin type, the struggles are real and often frustrating. The sheen on your face, particularly in the T-zone, can affect your confidence, while the constant search for the right skincare products and routines can be overwhelming. The discomfort of feeling like your skin is constantly greasy, coupled with the annoyance of makeup not staying put, adds to the daily woes.

Moreover, the misconceptions surrounding oily skin only add to the confusion. While you might be tempted to hit back with harsh cleansing or skipping moisturiser, these practices often exacerbate the issue, leading to a cycle of imbalance in your skin's natural oil production. 

The Science Behind Oily Skin

Oily skin is not just a superficial concern – it's a complex issue with roots that go deep into your skin's biology and external factors. Understanding the causes behind oily skin is the first step in effectively managing it. 

1. Your Genetics: Just like eye colour, the tendency for oily skin often runs in families. If your parents had oily skin, chances are you might too, thanks to overactive sebaceous glands.

2. Your Age: Interestingly, as we age, our skin tends to produce less sebum. This means while you might struggle with oiliness now, it could reduce over time, trading off with other concerns like dryness or wrinkles.

3. Where you Live: Your geographical location and the time of year play pivotal roles. Hot, humid weather can ramp up oil production, just as summer might bring more shine than winter.

4. Pore Dynamics: Enlarged pores, often a result of age, weight fluctuations, or past acne, are more prone to producing excess oil.

5. Your Skin Care and Makeup Products: Sometimes, it's the very products intended to help that contribute to oiliness, especially if they're not suited for your skin type.

6. Your Lifestyle: Factors like stress, diet, and habits (such as smoking or heavy drinking) can all have a visible impact on your skin’s oil production.

7. Your Hormones: Fluctuations due to menstruation, pregnancy, or certain medications can kick sebum production into high gear.

The Do's and Don'ts of Oily Skin Care


Embrace Gentle Cleansing: Twice daily, use a mild cleanser to remove excess oil without stripping your skin.

Exfoliate with Care: Regular exfoliation helps manage oiliness. Opt for products that are effective yet gentle.

Stay Hydrated: Use lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizers that hydrate without adding oil.

Sun Protection Always: A non-greasy, matte sunscreen is essential to protect your skin and manage oiliness.


Over-Cleanse: This can trigger your skin to produce even more oil.

Use Heavy Products: Thick creams can exacerbate oiliness.

Skip the Moisturizer: Moisturizing is crucial, even for oily skin, to maintain balance.

Introducing Neutriderm's Specialised Products for Oily Skin

At Neutriderm, we have carefully formulated two products, each uniquely designed to manage oily skin while nurturing and restoring your skin's natural balance.

Neutriderm C Scrub: An innovative exfoliator, this product is pivotal for those struggling with oily skin. It harnesses the full power of Vitamin C, coupled with alpha and beta hydroxy acids. The C Scrub transcends mere exfoliation; it rejuvenates your complexion, reduces dark spots, and unveils a radiant glow. Essential ingredients such as Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Citric Acid (AHA), and Salicylic Acid (BHA) collaborate to diminish ageing signs, unclog pores, and eliminate excess oil, promoting a fresher, smoother complexion. This potent yet gentle scrub not only boosts radiance but also enhances the overall tone and texture of your skin. Learn more

Neutriderm Copper Activator: Tailor-made for oily skin, our Copper Activator serum is a groundbreaking addition to skincare. Enriched with Copper PCA and Sodium Bicarbonate, it targets the fundamental issues associated with oily skin. Copper PCA is renowned for stimulating collagen and offering anti-inflammatory benefits, aiding in soothing irritated skin and diminishing fine lines. Meanwhile, Sodium Bicarbonate gently exfoliates, promoting a smoother, more even complexion. This serum not only helps regulate oil production but also rejuvenates the skin, ensuring it is hydrated, bright, and balanced. Learn more

We also offer these products as a specially curated bundle, providing a holistic solution for managing oily skin. This bundle is formulated to enhance the effectiveness of your skincare regimen, ensuring comprehensive care for those dealing with oily skin concerns.

Shop Neutriderm Exfoliator Set

By incorporating Neutriderm's specialised products into your skincare routine, you can significantly transform your approach to managing oily skin, leading to a healthier, more balanced complexion.


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