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S F.

My hair has been damaged for a minute.. from all the products ive used through out the years I feel had a negative effect on my hair making it more brittle and dry, this thing makes it super soft until the next washing so no more breakage! Love it!

R U.

First thing is the scent, I love it, second, I used a very small amount and applied it to my ends with my fingertips right before bedtime, and apply what ever is left on my fingers to the rest of my hair.. I go to bed with it without drying my hair, somehow magically my hair looks amazing the day after ??

N P.

This lotion is like a miracle for my staticy wild hair specially in cold Melbourne winter months. One of the best hair products that Ive tried in recent time, well worth the money!

Z W.

I have thin fine hair and this makes it super easy to comb thru and style and gives my hair a great texture. I really love the smoothness it gives to my hair.

M A.

I knew the quality of hair products do make a difference but I underestimated the power of this thing, it does what it says without making its presence known. A little goes a long way.

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