Natural ways to reduce scars that are surprisingly effective

Natural ways to reduce scars that are surprisingly effective

Scars have a profound impact on our emotional wellbeing. They carry the stories of surgeries, acne battles, or accidents that have unfortunately left their mark. And, let's face it, they sometimes play with our self-confidence.

Rather than risking expensive and often painful surgical treatments for scarring, there are natural non-invasive ways to fade, reduce, and even remove scars that are both effective and affordable. 


What causes scarring?

Scars are the unique marks left behind by our body's incredible healing process. When our skin's deep layer, the dermis, experiences trauma (such as injuries, surgeries, acne, or burns), it sets off a remarkable journey of repair. The body constructs new collagen fibers, like skilled builders, to mend the damage and rebuild the skin. However, these newly formed fibers can give scars their distinctive appearance and texture.

Do scars fade on their own?

While some scars may naturally fade over time, others can be more persistent, remaining as raised or sunken marks, serving as constant reminders of our past experiences.

Though our bodies are proficient healers, many scars will benefit from a little extra help to become much less noticeable. In fact, effective natural scar treatments can help remove some scars altogether.

How to treat scars - natural vs invasive treatments

Understanding the difference between natural and invasive methods for reducing scarring can help us make informed choices for our skin's health.

Natural methods can offer a gentle way to support the skin's natural healing process and lead to a smoother, more confident you. Natural treatments involve topical solutions that are effective in promoting scar healing and reducing their appearance.

On the other hand, invasive treatments involve more aggressive approaches that come with discomfort. Surgical procedures can alter a scar's shape or visibility, but they are not recommended for raised scars like hypertrophic or keloid scars due to the risk of recurrence and potential severe scarring. Steroid injections, laser resurfacing, fillers, cryosurgery, radiotherapy, and dermabrasion are other invasive options that require careful consideration due to potential side effects and recovery periods.

While these invasive treatments have their place in certain situations, embracing natural solutions can be a safer and more affordable choice if you’re seeking to improve the appearance of your scars without going under the knife or draining your wallet.


Ingredients that reduce scarring

When choosing a non-invasive product to reduce scarring, look for the ingredients that help your skin’s healing process, reduce inflammation and promote cell regeneration, such as:


  • Allium Cepa Bulb Extract (Onion Bulb Extract). This reduces excess collagen production responsible for scar tissue formation. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling and redness, minimising the appearance of scarring and stretch marks.
  • Disodium Lauriminodipropionate Tocopheryl Phosphates (Vitamin E blend): Vitamin E boasts powerful moisturising, hydrating, and replenishing properties, while also decreasing redness and inflammation.
  • Helichrysum Italicum Flower Oil (Immortelle or Everlasting Flower Oil). This stimulates new skin cells, recycling dead cells and reducing swelling, pain, and redness.
  • Retinol, which boosts exfoliation, skin cell turnover, and collagen production, contributing to scar visibility reduction while protecting the skin with its antioxidant properties.


Neutriderm's natural path to scar healing

At Neutriderm, we use scientifically proven natural ingredients to provide gentle yet potent solutions for various skin concerns. Our advanced KS Cream contains a combination of powerful ingredients, including Allium Cepa Bulb Extract, Helichrysum Italicum Flower Oil, and Retinol. These active components work in harmony to support the healing process, reduce inflammation, promote cell regeneration, and enhance the overall texture and appearance of scars.


How Neutriderm KS works to reduce scars

The versatility of our KS Cream makes it a perfect match for various scar types:

  • Scar Appearance Reduction: Gently flattens and softens scars, making them less noticeable over time.
  • Everyday Use: For optimal results, apply Neutriderm KS Cream twice daily.
  • Keloid Scars: Helps break down keloids, reducing their appearance over time.
  • Acne Scars: Targets and fades acne scars, promoting smoother, more even skin.
  • Stretch Marks: Reduces the appearance of stretch marks.


Ready to reveal your best skin? Get Neutriderm's Scar Reduction KS Cream and start your journey to smoother, more confident skin today.

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